Ballet Crypto can be purchased at To be clear, this device is not advertised as being resistant to disasters, I just threw it in the mix because I had several laying around and was curious. Ballet explicitly says to “avoid common hazards such as fire and corrosive chemicals, or anything else that can cause damage to the top sticker or the wallet itself.” My impression is that it’s designed to be “offline storage” for every day use, not an indestructible backup. It’s also worth noting that because the private keys are generated by the company that creates the device, you have to trust that the company is not keeping a copy and that no supply chain attacks have occurred.


No setup required; the private key is already printed onto a piece of paper that is glued to the device.

Heat Stress Test

As expected, all the important info on the paper burned off.

Corrosion Stress Test

The rest of the data that was etched onto the card has disappeared.

Crush Stress Test

If only the private key data was actually stamped onto the metal card, it would be fine. But unfortunately it’s printed on paper that’s glued to the metal. It’s likely that any crushing force would shear and destroy the paper.