BitHD Frozen Armor can be purchased at It claims “Indestructible Robustness” and to be fireproof: 304 stainless steel: 2624℉. Aviation aluminum alloy: 1220℉. Claims “Corrosion Resistant” - Saline-alkaline tolerant; acid & rust proof.


This has the tiniest screws I’ve seen yet - it’s quite frustrating to handle them. The tiles are nice and thick though, I found it easy to push them out of the template in which they are shipped.

Heat Stress Test

Seemed to be doing fine for 6 minutes and then it started collapsing so I immersed it in water. Catastrophic failure. Upon looking back at their web site, apparently only the tiles are stainless steel - the casing is aluminum, which melts at common house fire temperatures!

Corrosion Stress Test

Still sizzling - I’m sure that if the acid hadn’t been used up, it would have completely disintegrated.

Crush Stress Test

There wasn’t enough of the device left to bother crushing it, though we know that aluminum is a fairly malleable metal so I wouldn’t have expected it to survive.