Bitkee can be purchased at It claims to have a ~3,000°F melting point and be corrosion resistant. Composed of grade 2 Titanium, ASTM B265, Rockwell B 65, 40K psi. “A bitkee is durable, fireproof, waterproof, corrosion resistant, and invulnerable to software and hardware crashes.”


No setup required because it came with the keys already laser engraved on the metal. Crisp and clean! One thing worth noting is that you should only use their service to create BIP38 or BIP39 encrypted backups. That is, private key data that requires a password (that you don’t give to Bitkee) to access. Otherwise, Bitkee becomes a trusted third party and you’re hoping that they don’t keep your private keys and steal your money at some point in the future after you transfer funds onto it.

Heat Stress Test

Held up to heat extremely well. Only noticeable difference was some additional coloration on the metal.

Corrosion Stress Test

Was unaffected by the acid; looked the same as after the heat test.

Crush Stress Test

Deformed but didn’t lose any data readability.