Bravo Seed Card can no longer be purchased at Claims to be:

  • fireproof up to 900ºC
  • corrosion resistant to humidity and the passage of time
  • crush resistant up to 74 gigapascals


Easy, straightforward setup.

One unique feature of the Bravo Seed products is that they come with perfectly sized stickers that you can use to cover the data. The idea being that you could glue a magnet on the other side and the casual observer would just assume that they are a fridge magnet. I put the stickers on for posterity, but clearly they will be destroyed by the fire test.

Heat Stress Test

Obviously the sticker facade on the devices didn’t last long, but that was just for fun.

This device had discoloration but no data loss. In this scenario the guide divots may actually be working against it, making it harder to differentiate the data from the blank template cells.

Corrosion Stress Test

While there’s no data loss we can see pitting all across the surface of the plate. It’s interesting that you can see a progression from left to right where the data divots seem to be enlarging at the same rate. I’m not sure how to explain that, but it’s slightly concerning.

Crush Stress Test

The card barely deformed; no data loss.