Cipherseks Single Plate can be found on github. Claims to be:

  • 2mm thick highly polished stainless steel
  • fireproof to 1,400°C / 2,550°F
  • waterproof
  • corrosion resistant


These plates already had some pre-etched markings though they weren’t as deep as a center punch would be. I center punched the left column and left the right column as it arrived. I’m not convinced that these temporary templates are worth the extra space they use on the device.

Heat Stress Test

Here we can see that the words I punched divots for myself are still quite legible. The pre-etched words are mostly legible though I wouldn’t rely upon them.

Corrosion Stress Test

While the data divots are still intact, what’s more concerning is that the template is completely gone. This would be very problematic if you were unable to find a replacement copy of this device’s template.

Crush Stress Test

No additional data loss after previous tests.