CipherTag can be found on github. Claims to be:

  • 1.8mm thick highly polished stainless steel
  • fireproof to 1,400°C / 2,550°F
  • waterproof
  • corrosion resistant


I only punched divots for “safe” and “earn” on this device. The others were left with their original markings.

Heat Stress Test

The two words I punched myself on the left column are still legible while the pre-etched words not so much. What’s more concerning is the amount of rust that already seems to be appearing, threatening data loss.

Corrosion Stress Test

The CipherTag fared poorly due to its thinness. These devices are clearly made of a material that has some reactivity to acid. You can see how much of the left side of this device was dissolved by noting that the hole on the left is no longer usable. Catastrophic failure; given enough time I expect this device would completely dissolve.

Crush Stress Test

I didn’t use my 20 ton hydraulic press because it was unnecessary. Rather, I used a couple pairs of pliers to deform the tag to the breaking point. Catastrophic failure.