Cold Storage Coins can be purchased at Touted as “un-hackable, flood-proof, and fire-resistant” but it looks more like collectible art than extreme storage.


No setup required; the private key is etched onto the metal by the manufacturer.

Heat Stress Test

I observed a lot of burn-off and spent several minutes trying to clean the surface of the coin, but I was unable to scan the QR code with my phone. Perhaps with enough effort the data could be reconstructed, but I’m considering this catastrophic data loss. It’s worth noting that the makers of Cold Storage Coins state “our coins can withstand temperatures between 1763°F to 1984°F.” My testing likely exceeded their claimed temperatures, which to be fair are greater than that of a house fire.

Corrosion Stress Test

Already illegible from heat, even more so now.

Crush Stress Test

Already destroyed. It did get stuck to the press though and left an impression of the B on the pressing plate.