Cryptotag can be purchased at Made of titanium, it claims to be fire proof up to 3029°F / 1665°C, corrosion & erosion resistant, and indestructible with “bullet stopping power.”


This kit screams premium tier. I was impressed by the heft the moment I picked up the box and my opinion kept increasing as I worked my way through its contents. Make no mistake — it comes at a premium price of nearly $200 USD, but you get what you pay for. The hammer has an extra large head to make it harder for you to miss the stamping bit. It’s not only a full stamping kit, but the stamping plate is extremely well designed with a rubber bottom to absorb the jarring shock of hammering the plate, and most importantly it comes with a stamping bit holder that makes it very user friendly to set your letters without having to worry about double stamping them or smashing your fingers. It even comes with ear plugs, which is a nice touch.

One minor gripe I have is also present in every other stamping kit I’ve seen — they don’t show you the letter on the opposite side of the stamping bit, which would make it harder to screw up the orientation when stamping. Another small issue I encountered was that when I hammered with a lot of force it resulted in the CryptoTag getting stuck inside the stamping plate. I was unable to dislodge it by prying or with magnets; ultimately I had to turn the stamping plate upside down and slam it against concrete several times to get the CryptoTag out. One design improvement I’d suggest would be for a hole or slot to be drilled all the way through the bottom so that a user could use one of the stamping bits to pop the CryptoTag out of the stamping plate if it gets stuck.

Heat Stress Test

Highly readable, no data loss. Not much discoloration.

Corrosion Stress Test

In excellent condition, no data loss.

Crush Stress Test

No data loss.