Ellipal Mnemonic Metal can be purchased at ellipal.com. Claims to be IP65 rated meaning it is dust proof and water jet proof. Also claims to be fire proof, water proof, and insect proof.


This is the first metal device I’ve seen with a hinge that flips open like a briefcase. I’m not a fan of the tiny screws. I also found the tiles frustrating because they take some force to pop out of the sheet and I had several fly across the room.

Heat Stress Test

Seemed to be doing fine but then suddenly turned to slag after 6 minutes.

Corrosion Stress Test

There’s no photo of this device because there was literally nothing left. It appears that this device reacted the worst to the acid and depleted most of it. Needless to say, catastrophic failure. I’ve never had a device disintegrate like this before.

Crush Stress Test

Nothing was left to crush. Unlikely it would have survived anyway, since aluminum is fairly malleable.