Hodlinox can be purchased at hodlinox.com. This is the third Hodlinox product I’ve tested. This is basically the second iteration of the first dual-plate product I tested several years ago. The main difference is that this generation has interlocking plates on both ends. Claims to be:

  • Material: stainless steel 316
  • Melting point: 1460 ℃ / 2642 ℉.


I dremel etched a couple words because this product is designed for engraving rather than stamping. Looks like I forgot to take a photo of it open after engraving.

Heat Stress Test

No data loss.

Corrosion Stress Test

No data loss.

Crush Stress Test

Due to the nature of the interlocking plates, when you warp the device and crush it… the plates becomes inseparable. So I had to warp them back in the other direction to open it.

Upon inspection we can see that no data was lost.