The Keyois Capsule can be purchased at A fairly artistic design; this also uses keys generated by the creator thus there is a component of trust involved. “A securely generated public address and secret key are laser engraved on two Tungsten rings which are sealed together before being encased inside an air-tight polished aircraft grade aluminium capsule along with a centerpiece of the buyer’s choice. The capsule can be loaded by anyone viewing the capsule from the outside, however in order to spend any funds within, the device must be broken open. Designed for long term storage the information will not rot, rust, burn, corrode, demagnetize, melt, or get crushed.”


No setup required because it came with the keys already laser engraved on the metal rings.

Heat Stress Test

Most of this device melted pretty quickly, but the important part — the two tungsten rings with the public address and private key — remained intact. It was hard to read them due to the darkness of the metal, but they were still readable.

Corrosion Stress Test

Still legible.

Crush Stress Test

No deformation and no data loss.