qreg-hr can be purchased at qreg.tech. Quadrat Register makes no durability claims on this device.


Quadrat Register has once again devised a novel storage scheme. This one is also binary for the BIP39 line number of the word, but it’s stored by drilling out holes in the plate. My initial impression is that I actually find their previous form of punching out holes to be more user friendly than using this drill. For one, the drill comes with 8 different bit sizes and it wasn’t clear to me which one to use. I started with the second smallest only to find that the holes were not getting any bigger.

On the left side I’ve only used the 4th largest drill bit. On the right side I started off with that bit and then did a second pass with the largest drill bit. I think the Quadrat Register could improve the user experience by only providing those two bits for simplicity. I really like the results, though!

Heat Stress Test

The qreg-hr barely even changed color while being heated, in contrast to many other devices.

Upon reopening the sandwich we see the center plate with data was only discolored a bit.

Corrosion Stress Test

No remarkable changes.

Crush Stress Test

Device did not deform much under 20 tons of force.

Data is perfectly intact.