Steeldisk is no longer available at Another tile-based design that is not a direct CryptoSteel clone. Claims to be 304 stainless steel that is fireproof to 2100°F / 1200°C.


It was slightly annoying that all of the tiles were just thrown together in a bag as opposed to the other tile-based devices that separated them by character. Other than that, it was painless to open the device, slide in the tiles, and lock it again. I would note that after filling the device with 170 tiles there were only half a dozen tiles left, so you probably should order extra tiles if you need more than 100 characters.

Heat Stress Test

When I opened it, the rails had warped enough that a lot of tiles had fallen out. I’m also considering this as catastrophic data loss. However, similar to the Cold Storage Coins, Steeldisk only claims the device can withstand temperatures of up to 2100°F. While my thermometer was reading closer to 2000°F, it’s possible that the torch exceeded 2100°F.

Corrosion Stress Test

Already suffered catastrophic data loss from the heat test; the corrosion test exacerbated it and more tiles fell out.

Crush Stress Test

Already destroyed, but highly likely that if it had been crush tested first that the tiles would have fallen out. I think this is a safe assumption to make because it uses the same style rails and tiles as the Cryptosteel clones like Blockstream Metal and HODL Wallet.