Why Perform Stress Tests?      Stress Test Methodology

Device Overall Grade Heat Grade Corrosion Grade Crush Grade Price
Bitkee A A A A $40
Blockplate A A A A $69
Coldbit Steel A A A A $80
Crypto Key Stack A A A A $45
Crypto Keys A A A A $28
CryptoTag A A A A $65
Hodlinox A A A A $30
Quadrat Register A A A A €365
Safe Seed A A A A $20
SeedSteel A A A A N/A
Simbit A A A A $110
Steelwallet A A A A $55
Coldbit Passphrase A- A B A $15
Cryptosteel Capsule A- A A B $80
CryptoVault A- A B A $35
Keyois Capsule A- B A A $99
Cypherwheel B+ A C A $200
CryptoSteel Cassette B B A D $90
Billfodl C C A D $55
Cobo Tablet C F A D $39
Cold Storage Coins C F B B $20
ColdTI C D C A $21
Blockstream Metal D A F - $80
The HODL Wallet D A F - N/A
The Steely D F A F $70
Ballet Crypto F F F F $35
BitHD Frozen Armor F F F - $30
Bunkeroid F F F - $130
Ellipal Mnemonic Metal F F F - $50
Steeldisk F F F - N/A

There are too many choices, how do I choose?

  1. Avoid using devices where the device manufacturer knows your private key. Such as Keyois Capsule, Cold Storage Coins, and Ballet Crypto. In some cases it’s possible to have a manufacturer create a BIP38 encrypted backup, which is safe.
  2. Simpler is better - more pieces means more potential points of failure.
  3. The best bang for your buck are Blockplate, Crypto Keys, or Steelwallet
  4. The most durable device I’ve tested is the Quadrat Register

Are you a device manufacturer who would like me to test your product? Send me a message!